6 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals to Install Your Cabinets

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most exciting things you can do in your home. The kitchen is a place of comfort, whether you’re preparing meals for a fun holiday dinner or sneaking in for a midnight snack, it’s a special place for every member of the family. You use your kitchen multiple times a day, so it’s important for it to be a place you enjoy, as well as a place that is safe to navigate. Unless you have professional experience, attempting to install your cabinets by yourself may result in unsatisfying results, misaligned material, and potential safety risks. So down below we want to share with you 6 reasons you should hire professionals to install your cabinets, and why Cabinets Core may be a good choice for you if you are in the Seattle/Auburn/Tacoma area of Washington state. 

1. Proper Measurements

Proper measurements for cabinets installation

Professional installers know how to work around roadblocks. Whether you realize it or not, most homes do not have perfectly straight walls, many have uneven angles, and ceilings are often slightly slanted. You may not see it with your bare eyes, but it becomes very apparent as soon as you begin to install a new cabinet that doesn’t perfectly fit your space. Hiring a professional to install your cabinets will remove the headache and stress of dealing with misaligned measurements. Your installer will be able to provide solutions that will result in the best possible outcome, which may include shifting over cabinets or even replacing the subfloor.

Here at Cabinets Core, not only do we work with installers that we know and trust, but we also have a design team to ensure things not only feel safe and solid, but look great too. Our system includes providing our installers with a layout of your kitchen that they follow. This layout includes the size of each wall, cabinet, window, and more. If any issues arise, the installer will also work with our design team to solve the problem. This communication allows us to get installations done efficiently and smoothly. If a filler must be put down, or a trim needs to be rearranged, our professional installers know how to properly re-measure the site and modify the materials provided.

2. Beautiful Results

A good finish carpenter will bring your kitchen to life. A bad one could turn your kitchen renovation into a frustrating and disappointing experience, leading to subpar results and potential issues down the road. The same thing can be said for a DIY job. Our installers are professionally trained finish carpenters, which means that they know how to add the finishing touches like frosting on a cake. Here are some of the rules that our team follows in every project they take on:
Professional Cabinet Installer Precision-Fit & finish
  • Crown molding, filler strips, toe kicks, etc. must be precisely cut and attached.
  • Door hinges must be properly installed and adjusted.
  • Hardware must be precisely positioned and installed.
  • Nail holes, seams, and edges must be caulked or filled.
  • Touch up paint must be applied whenever and wherever necessary.

Our team takes great pride in their work and always ensures that every detail of every project meets the highest standard. We choose installers that treat our clients’ homes and cabinets with the same degree of professionalism and detail as they would demonstrate in their own home.

3. Save Money

Hiring a professional cabinet installer may seem like a daunting cost up front, but DIYing it is often more costly than planned… If you’re debating doing it yourself, see if you are able to answer ‘yes’ to these two questions:
  1. Do you have the necessary tools to perform the installation?
  2. And do you know what those tools are?
Professionals have all tools to perform a kitchen installation

The difference between a DIY job and our team is that our cabinet installers know all the building codes, rules, and regulations that they have to follow. They will make sure you don’t have future problems that might be very costly to fix.

By trying to save money and doing things the cheap way, it’s easy to miss important details. This is a problem that many people come across and they often end up paying the price later down the road when a cabinet breaks or a hinge comes loose and injures somebody. When it comes to something as big and heavy as cabinets, we always recommend that you take the safe route and hire a professional, ensuring that your money is put to good use and not wasted.

4. Save Time

Stunning Kitchen Cabinets Installation done by Cabinets Core
Most people have a hard time keeping themselves accountable… Therefore, what could be done in just a few days often gets stretched out into weeks or even months.

When you pay for someone to come into your home or facility and do a professional job, it gets done fast. The installers have no reason to drag things out for longer than necessary, since they have many other jobs to do as well. In addition to that, installers already know the process inside out.

A DIYer may spend days simply planning, shopping, and researching all the many topics such as how to install kitchen cabinets, how to install wall cabinets, how to install base cabinets, how to install cabinet handles, and learning how to use tools. However, a professional will already know what they need to do, what kind of supplies to come with, and will already be skilled in the job, allowing them to do a fast, easy, and highly professional job.

5. Safety and Proper Handling

Safety and proper handling is one reason to hire cabinet professionals
The last thing you want to do when working on your project is to receive a delivery of perfectly beautiful, shiny cabinets just to ding them on the wall corner two days later, ruining both your wall and new cabinets. By hiring professionals, you eliminate that risk. Our cabinet installers are experienced in carefully handling each cabinet using proper equipment like gloves and padding. In addition to protecting your cabinets, professionals also know how to protect themselves in the process. Some cabinets can weigh up to 250lbs and this can be a large strain on the body if not handled properly. More than one million people each year suffer from injuries caused by heavy lifting. Trying to lift your own heavy cabinets puts you at a major risk of injury if you’re not experienced in this type of work. Wall cabinets must also be mounted properly to avoid them falling and possibly hurting someone. Many warranties will not cover a DIY installation for this reason as it does jeopardize safety. Years of experience has led to our professionals producing high quality and safe kitchen cabinet installations.

6. Peace of Mind

Install your cabinets with a peace of mind

Our mission at Cabinets Core is to take care of you and make your kitchen the “core” of your home. While we can’t speak for any other companies out there, our team here is committed to providing quality cabinet, countertop, tiles, and installation that is beautiful, safe, and ultimately puts a smile on your face.

Frequently Asked Questions at Cabinets Core

We understand that investing in a professional company to install your cabinets is no easy decision. It can be expensive, and it can be complicated. So we wanted to share a few questions that we get at Cabinets Core that may be able to help you learn more about our process.

1. What Does Professional Cabinet Installation Entail?

Professional cabinet installation includes these things:
Professional cabinet installation includes Re-measurement, Full cabinet installation, Cutting or sanding
  • Re-measurement of your space and detailed planning of installation
  • Full cabinet installation
  • Cutting or sanding anything that needs to be resized in order to fit and compliment the overall aesthetic
  • Installation of all trims, fillers, moldings, and other accessories.
  • Installation of handles/pulls
  • Set up and clean-up of the jobsite

2. How Long Does a Typical Cabinet Installation Take?

A typical cabinet installation takes around 2-3 days to complete. This includes taking measurements, bringing in the cabinets, installing upper cabinets, installing lower cabinets, adjusting hinges and/or any other misalignments, consulting with the design team if necessary, and installing handles and knobs.

3. What Factors Influence the Cost of Cabinet Installation?

The cost of cabinet installation is calculated by the amount of cabinets you have as well as the cabinet design you choose and how many fillers, panels, and trim there is.

4. Do We Install Cabinet Handles and Knobs?

Absolutely! If you would like us to install your handles and knobs, please make sure you have them on site at the time of installation.
We install handles and knobs at Cabinets Core

Hiring Professionals Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

It can be daunting to bring in a team that you don’t know into your own home or facility and pay them to do an important job. Although most people may not see some cabinets as the main attraction or focus of your home, they are powerful in bringing in an elegant, fun, or modern touch into the room. Many people can overlook a cabinet, but as stated above, it’s important for them to be managed properly, installed carefully, and most importantly, be safe to use.

Using a professional will eliminate all the risks that may arise, such as safety hazards or improper measurements. If you’re looking for a company to work with, we are happy to help you out. We pride ourselves on being one of the best kitchen cabinet installers near Auburn. If you have any questions or are ready to get started and want to hire Cabinets Core to install cabinet hardware, fill out this form here and our team will be in contact with you.

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