Cabinet Styles

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Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are a style of kitchen and bathroom cabinet known for their clean lines and distinctive five-piece door design. 

They feature a flat central panel surrounded by a raised frame, giving them a slightly recessed, tailored appearance.

Shaker cabinets have a bit of classic detailing, making them versatile for both traditional and contemporary settings.

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Flat-Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinets are a contemporary style of kitchen and bathroom cabinet characterized by their smooth, unadorned doors.

Flat panel cabinets present a clean, unbroken surface, giving them a sleek, modern appearance.

Flat panel cabinets lean towards a minimalist and streamlined look, making them a favorite in modern design settings.

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Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets are tailored kitchen or bathroom storage solutions designed specifically to meet an individual’s preferences and space requirements.

Unlike shaker or flat panel cabinets, which refer to specific design styles, custom cabinets can come in any style, finish, or material.

Custom cabinets are crafted to fit unique spaces, incorporate specific functionalities, or achieve a desired aesthetic, offering a more personalized approach to cabinetry.

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